Lebron James committed a heinous act of flopping the other night, and he was put on blast by the league for it. In a viral tweet NBA exposed Lebron James with a flop warning video from the Lakers vs Grizzlies game.

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During a possession Lebron acted like he got thrown down while battling for a rebound, which tricked the referees into a calling a foul. However, on closer look you could see no one even touched him. NBA showed a video with three different angles so the world could clearly see Lebron flopped like prime Chris Paul or Manu Ginobli on that play.

This time he just got a warning, which means the next time it will be a $5,000 fine. Sure it’s nothing to Lebron, but it sets a precedent that the NBA is truly cracking down on flopping.

Even the new GOAT isn’t safe from being put on blast by the NBA for playing like a diva. You’re better than that Lebron.

Author: JordanThrilla

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