Bronny James got caught smoking a marijuana blunt. A video of Bronny James smoking weed leaked on Instagram Live. Bronny James accidentally leaked the video according to multiple reports.

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The video shows Lebron James’ son Bronny with a blunt in his mouth smoking. While it’s not 100% sure if it’s weed Bronny James is smoking, most people have a pretty good idea that Bronny James is smoking marijuana in the video. It’s easy to tell from the way he was puffing, that he probably isn’t a rookie smoker either. Take a look.

With Lakers just coming off a huge win vs Denver Nuggets, this is the worst thing that could happen for Lebron James.

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Can you imagine what people are going to say that now Bronny James was seen smoking marijuana in a video? The jokes are going to be endless.

Hopefully this doesn’t get Lebron James in trouble. Some people are already asking if Bronny James found a blunt Lebron James was smoking.

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