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Enoch’s ‘Message to J Prince and Sons’ Video Saying Their ‘Mob Ties is Finished’ Goes Viral

Due to where Takeoff was fatally wounded, and the people that were around him at the time of the incident a viral conspiracy theory speculates that J Prince Jr. had something to do with Takeoff’s death. That conspiracy was fueled by footage showing him walking over Takeoff’s dead body, and the allegations that he was arguing with Quavo before the shots went off. The man named Lil Cam who is accused of shooting Takeoff is allegedly an associate of J Prince Jr.

Enoch is a guy on YouTube who usually gives wealth and investment advice, but he claims to know J Prince personally. Yesterday he posted a video titled “Message to J Prince and his sons. Mob Ties is finished”. In this video he talked about the viral conspiracy theory speculating on whether J Prince Jr. is linked to Takeoff’s is death, and how the streets are reacting. He seemed to insinuate that a certain level of respect in the streets my have been lost within deep connections J Prince possibly had.

The video below, which Enoch referenced shows J Prince Jr. walking over Takeoff’s lifeless body almost like he didn’t care while telling people not to ask him any questions. It was also alleged that J Prince Jr unfollowed Quavo on Instagram. All these incidents have fueled the unproven conspiracy theory about Takeoff’s murder.

Enoch’s message to J Prince saying their mob ties are finished comes after the viral rumor Lil Cam was shot dead in 5th ward Houston area.

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