Details on Why Bandman Kevo Made His Baby Mama Dyme Sign a Break-Up Contract Entitling him to 50% of her profits.

Rapper Bandman Kevo’s recent moves to have his wife and baby mother DYME sign a contract agreeing to give him 50% of profits from her business deals if she becomes famous after they breakup is a bold move that shows his financial savvy. Kevo, whose real name is Kevin Ford, is a rapper from Chicago, Illinois who has been making music since 2020. He recently made headlines when he posted photos of his toned abs and chiseled physique on Twitter. However, some rumors suggest that Bandman Kevo got liposuction and BBL procedures done.

Why Did Bandman Kevo Make His Wife Dyme Sign a Break-Up Contract?

Kevo has recently taken to Twitter to explain why he believes that other rappers should follow his lead and put their girlfriends on contracts. He believes that if a girl is able to get free promotion from a relationship with a rapper, then the rapper should be able to benefit financially from it as well. He has also noted that time is money, and that a rapper’s time can be wasted if a relationship ends with no financial gain.

In June of this year, Kevo was arrested in Miami and hit with five charges, including assault of a police officer and gun possession by a felon. The charges were eventually dropped in July, but the incident has still raised questions about Kevo’s character. This year, he also put out his “So Extra” single.

It’s clear that Kevo is a savvy businessman who sees the potential for financial gain in his relationships. His recent move to have DYME sign a contract is a prime example of this. By having DYME sign a contract agreeing to give him 50% of her profits, Kevo is ensuring that he is still able to benefit financially even if their relationship doesn’t last. The two lovers have definitely had their drama over the past few months. For example not too long ago Dyme accused Kevo of buying her a fake $100K chain, and never teaching her about finances.

This case sets a precedent for other rappers to follow, and shows that if a rapper is able to get free promotion from a relationship, they should be able to benefit financially as well. Kevo’s move to have DYME sign a contract is a smart, and savvy business decision that other rappers should look to emulate. However, some people feel it takes the organic nature of love away when business becomes involved.

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