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The Pain in Sauce Walka Voice makes Sauce Walka’s “R.I.P Buddy” Lyrics and Music Video Go Viral

Most people know Sauce Walka for his crazy antics on social media, but when he goes in the booth it really paints a different picture of who he is. The pain in Sauce Walka’s voice is making Sauce Walka’s R.I.P Buddy lyrics and music video go viral. People are still amazed at how deep the RIP Buddy lyrics are.

The entire track was a looped sample with no real bass, no beat carrying the track, just Sauce Walka spitting real talk over harmonious sounds. The emotional pain in Sauce Walka’s voice during R.I.P Buddy was enough to make you shed a tear or two.

This is random, but we found it interesting Sauce Walka is wearing the same outfit he wore on IG Live on January 8th in the R.I.P Buddy music video. Perhaps he recorded that video on this same day?

Some of the most painful lines were when Sauce Walka said, “Mama in the kitchen playing Kirk Franklin, she miss her baby. It’s sad he got stomped, but I’m surprised he made this long he been a target“. Another painful line was when he said “seen my first murder at 7, I dreamed of screaming voices“.

Those are just two of the many quotable lines that show the pain Sauce Walka had in his heart while recording R.I.P Buddy music video and song. It was only right for him to drop an incredible video to go along with this treasure of a hiphop song.

Don’t let the social media antics fool you, Sauce Walka is an intelligently deep rapper who takes pride in his lyrics and has real stories to tell.

Author: JordanThrilla

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