Sauce Walka was once a rapper you would never expect to get cosmetic surgery, but now that has changed. A new video shows that Sauce Walka got plastic surgery to have a diamond implanted in his eye. The ice out diamond implant is 3.00 carats and worth $250K according to his Instagram.

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The diamond implant forms the shape of a tear drop, and sits in a 18K rose gold.

Sauce Walka has always been seen as a trendsetter in hiphop, but this might be the most bold move he has made yet. The health risks involved with getting a diamond and gold implanted in your face could be potentially serious, especially if causes an infection.

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Sauce Walka’s diamond implant tear drop could be the next wave to take over hiphop. His face is literally worth at least $250K now. It will probably also hurt the first of anyone who punches him in that area.

Author: JordanThrilla

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