Sancho Saucy responded to Houston OG Blika having Sauce Walka’s chain after putting a $20K bounty on all TSF Member’s chains in a very bold way. In a new viral video Sancho Saucy pulled up in Blika’s hood in broad daylight talking that talk.

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While Sauce Walka has stayed silent, Sancho Saucy wants all the smoke and doesn’t seem to be scared in any way.

There are rumors floating around that Sancho Saucy only pulled up in Blika’s hood, because it was 7 am morning. It’s possible he may have pulled a Tekashi69 on O’block, so you may want to take this video with a grain of salt.

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Either way this beef between Sancho Saucy, Sauce Walk, and Blika is searing hot.

Author: JordanThrilla

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