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Goons Catch Tekashi 6IX9INE at O Block at 4 AM Trying to Make Fake Video for Instagram

Goons caught Tekashi 6IX9INE at O Block at 4 AM trying to make a fake video for Instagram. The Goons chased Tekashi69 away from O-Block and his SUV could be seen speeding away. Since Tekashi69’s house arrest ended he has gone to various spots with his police security to make videos convincing people that he’s out in the streets. In reality he only is in those spots for a few seconds before leaving.

This time Chicago goons were ready and waiting for Tekashi 6IX9INE at O Block, and they exposed him. This was epitome of clout chasing gone wrong.

The Chicago Goons captioned the video exposing Tekashi69 with a statement describing how Tekashi 6IX9INE ran from O Block when he realized goons were waiting. They claim they will release more footage of Tekahi69 fleeing O Block.

It seems more and more that Tekashi69’s clout chasing is starting to get old, and people are starting to get better at predicting where he will popup.

Author: JordanThrilla

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