Why Did Coi Leray Diss Her Own Father Benzino in Viral Video? Watch Coi Leray Cursing Out Benzino on IG Live

Coi Leray is one of the most successful female artists over the past few years. Ironically her father Benzino hasn’t had much success these days, and is more known for allegedly being broke and family issues. Those foamily feuds came to the forefront again when Coi Leray ranted about Benzino in a very disrespectful manner.

Why Did Coi Leray Diss Her Own Father Benzino in Viral Video? Coi Leray Curses Out Benzino on IG Live

Coi Leray is a very outspoken woman, but you don’t hear her talking about her father Benzino that much. That all changed in a viral video where Coi Leray dissed Benzino with some comments that will probably cut him deep emotionally.

The gist of the message Coi Leray conveyed about her father is that she seems to feel that she is way more successful than he ever was, so she wants him to fallback and be a humble father. Coi Leray seems to feel Benzino is bitter about her success.

In the video Coi Leray talked about her achievements in comparison to the failures of Benzino’s past. She mentioned being on the cover of Rolling Stone and topping the musical charts such as YouTube and Billboard. In the same breath she mentioned how Benzino’s Source magazine crumbled under him, and the bridges he has burned in the music industry.

The saddest moment of the video had to be when Coi Leray cursed out Benzino calling him a

“B**** A** N****.”

There’s an old saying that goes “No one wins when the family feuds“, and that could apply to this situation. Most likely nothing good will come out of Coi Leray beefing with her own father, and airing him out on social media in this manner.

Prayers up for both them, hopefully they can find some peace and harmony.

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