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Woman Alleges That Jay Z Slept with Men in Viral Video Amidst Will Smith Allegations

When you think of rappers who might be secretly gay, Jay Z is not a name that often comes to mind. However, after recent comments from a woman who is very popular on social media, many hip-hop fans are wondering if there was more to Jay Z rise to success than meets the eye.

Was Jay Z Gay for Pay?

In a sensational video that has gone viral on the internet, celebrity psychic Sloan Bella has made some shocking claims about hip-hop mogul Jay Z, alleging that he is gay for pay and that he slept with men to advance his career in the music and entertainment industry.

Bella, who claims to have psychic abilities and to communicate with the spirits of deceased celebrities, alleged that Jay Z was one of the many artists who had to change their intimate preferences to get ahead in the industry. She said that Jay Z isn’t necessarily gay, but that he had to do gay things to get where he is, because that’s how it allegedly works in the Hollywood and music business. For example there have also been rumors about The Rock doing things to advance his wrestling career.

Bella’s video comes on the heels of the rumor that went viral that Will Smith had an affair with his friend and fellow actor Duane Martin. Of course Will Smith has denied the allegations. In addition, some reports suggest that he might be in the process of filing a lawsuit against the alleged former employee who leaked the story.

The tweet with the rumor about Jay Z read, “Sloan Bella says Jay-Z time is coming in the future, and speaks on Will Smith”.

Will Smith has adamantly denied the allegations about his alleged gay hookup with Duane Martin, and most likely Jay Z won’t even respond to the rumors about him being gay for pay.

At the moment there is no concrete evidence to support any of the claims, but with situations like what happened to Dwight Howard, these types of rumors now seem hold more merit on social media even before they are proven.

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