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Here Is Why People Think Joe Budden Fired Rory and Mal From His Podcast

Did Joe Budden fire Rory and Mal from his podcast? By now we all know about the public feud that has been going on between these three. Joe Budden appeared in a Clubhouse interview insinuating that everything would be sorted out. Then a few days later he posted a video saying he was going to therapy with Rory. However, it now seems like the bridges have finally been burned.

Why Do People Think Joe Budden Fired Rory and Mal from Joe Budden Podcast?

It appears Joe Budden changed his podcast artwork. Usually it included him Rory and Mal. However on today’s episode titled “Straightened Out” it only included Joe Budden solo. See picture below.

During the Clubhouse interview Joe Budden didn’t say much, but everyone else seemed to be urging him to leave Rory and Mal, because he is a much bigger star than them now. If he really fired them it appears he probably was thinking the same thing.

Let’s be honest people are going to watch the Joe Budden podcast with or without Rory and Mal, but the show is definitely better with all three of them. Hopefully no one was fired.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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