A video has leaked of Wisconsin Police offering the Kenosha shooter water. To make things worse the police thank the Kenosha shooter in the footage. Now people are accusing police of collaborating with Kenosha militia. It’s hard to argue against this conspiracy theory after seeing the shocking footage.

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In a second video a Kenosha militia member admits cops are helping them. The Kenosha militia member clearly states “The cops said we’re gonna push protestors down by you, because you can deal with them.”


The sad part about this is the Kenosha shooter murdered two people, after getting water and encouragement from cops that were meant to keep peace. A third video shows the Kenosha shooter saying “I just killed somebody” in a state of shock.

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You could argue that could of been prevented if the Kenosha militia wasn’t possibly getting help from law enforcement in that area.

Author: JordanThrilla

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