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Is Chloe Bailey Dating Rapper Future? Video Evidence Showing Why People Are Shocked Chloe Bailey Would Date Future

Remember back in 2020 when Halle said the Chloe Bailey likes “pretty boys” and “nerds” on Instagram Live? Based on a new rumor it appears Chloe Bailey now likes “hood men” who are also much older than her.

Chloe Bailey in a Relationship with Future?

According to the new rumor Future is dating Chloe Bailey, and people are saying they are very serious. What’s strange about the situation is their age difference, and the fact that Future seems to be the opposite of the type of man she described wanting in the past.

Future is 37 years old with multiple baby mamas and grown children, while Chloe Bailey is only 23. That puts a 14 year age difference between them. For Future this isn’t out the ordinary, because his last superstar girlfriend Lori Harvey was around 22 or 23 when they were dating.

As you will see in the videos below it doesn’t seem like Future is Chloe Bailey’s type of man, unless a lot has changed over the past year.

Here is the video where Halle said the Chloe likes pretty boys and nerds.

Here is a more recent video where Chloe Bailey described the kind of man she was looking for.

It still doesn’t seem like the kind of guy Future appears to be.

Unless you would describe Future as a pretty boy or nerd, then he seems like the opposite of what Chloe Bailey wants in man. It seems like he would be more of Halle’s type of man, since Chloe said her sister was the one that likes “hood men”.

Nevertheless if Chloe Bailey is dating Future, and she’s happy that’s all that matter. People’s ideal vision of their partner can change as they grow older, and maybe it did for her.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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