Do you remember the time when the infamous Rachel Dolezal was exposed for pretending to be a light skinned black woman? Apparently the legacy she left behind in Atlanta is powerful, because a new female rapper seems to be trying to follow in her footsteps, or so it seems.

Rachel Dolezal Looking White Female Atlanta Rapper Calling Herself ‘Light Skinned’ Goes Viral After Accusations of Culture Appropriation

A new video released by a white female Atlanta rapper is going viral for her strange choice of lyrics. In the video the Rachel Dolezal looking white rapper refers to herself as a ‘light skinned’ woman, and is wearing black style braids. Due to to her strange choice of lyrics and physical resemblance social media has dubbed this new white female Atlanta rapper ‘Rachel Dolezal’s daughter’.

In the lyrics for the song the white Atlanta rapper says “I’m a light skinned girl”, but she’s clearly a white woman with a tan. As such people have accused her of culture appropriation.

Among the many jokes people have about the video are people saying she might be the second coming of Iggy Azalea, as well as saying she might be the first trans-racial female rapper ever. Technically speaking a white person is “light skinned”, but from a cultural perspective that’s a term used within the black community.

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