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Security Intervenes After Lebron James Almost Fights High School Announcer For Disrespecting Bronny During Strive For Greatness Game

Lebron James wasn’t happy about the treatment he and son received while he was trying to be a regular dad on the sidelines of recent game. Viral video shows Lebron James almost fighting a High School announcer for disrespecting Bronny during a Strive For Greatness game.

The incident began after Bronny James got a questionable foul call. This drew criticism from the announcer who made a slick comment saying he was only getting those calls, because Lebron James was in the gym. Those words set Lebron off as he got up from his seat, and started walking towards the announcer yelling some words.

It wasn’t clear if Lebron was mad about the insult, or the fact that he mentioned his name during a game where the attention should be on his son. The situation would end with several security guards walking him back to his seat.

In recent weeks Lebron James being too involved during Bronny games has drawn criticism from people who feel he is getting special treatment. Some people think he is even becoming a distraction to Bronny. In this situation he may have ended up causing Bronny to miss a crucial free throw. When he halted the game you could argue that he unintentionally “iced” Bronny at free throw line.

Lebron James trying to fight a high school announcer sets a bad example for Bronny, and the other kids who were in the arena. Some people would argue that moments like these wreak of entitlement. However, you could also just simply look at it as a dad being passionate about the his son success on the basketball court.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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