For people who are neutral on the political spectrum it’s always funny to see how Republicans and Democrats clown each other social media. This is especially true when a politician drops bombshell information they think will garner positive reactions from everyone regardless of political affiliation. When republican US representative Ronny Jackson tried bringing to light Google’s using alleged sketchy tactics to influence elections, it backfired on him to some degree.

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Ronny Jackson Alleging Gmail is Suppressing Emails from Republicans Sparks Hilarious Reactions

In a viral tweet Ronny Jackson claimed that Gmail is sending Republican emails to people’s spam inbox in hopes they will never read its content. He boldly accused Google of election interference, then used Donald Trump’s famous lingo about ‘Big tech’ companies being out of control. Usually when the general public learns a major corporation is using shady tactics to influence their lives it garners a general consensus of displeasure. However, the social media reactions to Ronny Jackson exposing Google’s Gmail suppressing republican emails showed that even an alleged invasion of privacy won’t make Democrats and Republicans agree on something.

Republicans are hated so much by Democrats that they are happy Google is possibly invading their privacy by altering their email accounts. Likewise Republicans would probably be fine with an invasion of privacy if it was democratic emails being suppressed by Gmail.

Political warfare on social media is hilarious, because both sides are so biased. It’s definitely not a good thing if Gmail is suppressing emails from any political party, because that would entail a deep rooted invasion of privacy technique. However, it’s more likely possible that Gmail blacklisted republican email addresses which have been marked as spam by a mass amount of people. That would be called ‘machine learning’.

Essentially Ronny Jackson thinking Gmail is suppressing republican emails could be a matter of confusion, or he is really onto something. One thing that’s for sure is that both political parties definitely spam it out with those email campaigns during elections.

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