Wiz Khalifa was once known as the skinniest tallest rapper in the hip-hop world. One day he decided to finally get serious about his health and fitness, and got in the gym and leveled up. Now Wiz Khalifa has transformed his body from skinny to muscular, and apparently he’s acting brand new as well.

Did Wiz Khalifa Have Roid Rage When He Tried Fighting MC Tron and DJ Mike Danger at Poppy Night Club in LA?

Some people always believed that Wiz Khalifa’s gains in the gym might be unnatural. Of course there was never any solid evidence to prove those conspiracy theories. However, a recent incident where Wiz Khalifa got uncharacteristically mad at the DJs during his performance is now being touted as proof to the conspiracy theory of Wiz Khalifa is using steroids. The way he was acting just seems too strange for some people to believe he was in his natural mind state.

As you’ll see in the footage below, Wiz Khalifa tried to fight MC Tron and DJ Mike Danger during his Poppy Night Club performance in Los Angeles. Not only did he berate them with foul language, he pushed them, and even knocked off their hats. All the while he was telling them that he could do their job better than them. Even after all that when Wiz Khalifa ordered them to play his music they did just that. Some people are convinced Wiz Khalifa had roid rage when he attacked them. Take a look at the incident in question.

Wiz Khalifa went from seemingly not working out at all, to training like an athlete. Is it possible he’s on a steroid regimen as well?

While it could be possible Wiz Khalifa had roid rage when he tried fight DJ Mike Danger and MC Tron, people might be underestimating how sensitive Wiz really is. For example there was that time that Gillie Da Kid accused Wiz Khalifa of getting him banned from Instagram for joking about him wearing underwear in the gym during his workouts.

Whatever the case may be it wasn’t a good look how Wiz Khalifa belittled MC Tron and DJ Mike Danger in front of all those people. Kudos to them for keeping their cool, and remaining professional so the situation didn’t escalate further.

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