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Video Shows Zaxby’s Worker Man Jump Through Drive-Thru Window To Touch Woman’s Butt after She Starts Throwing It

What is the thirstiest thing you have ever seen a friend do? Usually it’s something like sending too many text messages, and trying to talk to someone after they said they weren’t interested. One man working at a Zaxby’s restaurant is now the undisputed champion of being thirsty.

Video Shows Zaxby’s Employee Jump Through Drive-Thru Window to Touch Woman’s Butt

It was a regular fun day for employees at a Zaxby’s restaurant, before everything changed when an attractive female customer pulled up showing some skin. This woman starting throwing butt at the Zaxby’s Drive-Thru, which sent the 4 men watching into a state of shock, each reacting a different way. For example one of the men ran away, while another had to hold up his friend who almost passed out.

The funniest moment came when the Zaxby’s worker man jumps through the Drive-Thru window to touch the woman’s butt. One of his friends grabbed him by the legs to pull him back through the drive-thru window before he could make contact with her behind. It looked like they were trying to save his life, but really they were trying to save him from touching the woman while on the clock.

At the beginning of the video the Zaxby’s man who jumped through drive-window was slipping around like the cat on the Tom and Jerry cartoon.

Based on how that Zaxby’s employee reacted to see a woman throwing butt at the drive-thru window, it’s probably safe to say he isn’t going on dates very often. It was like he was seeing a woman’s butt for the first time in his life. The man almost passed out before diving through window, and almost injuring himself.

Hopefully he doesn’t get fire now that he’s viral across social media platforms. His boss will probably come across the video.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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