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Here’s The Strange Reason Why a 500 Pound Black Bear Got the Name ‘Hank The Tank’

The most famous black bear in America got his fame for all the wrong reasons. Dubbed ‘Hank the Tank’ most people would assume the 500 lbs. black bear got his name from his massive size. However, there are other factors at play that make his name a very accurate description.

Details on Why a 500 Pound Black Bear Was Named ‘Hank The Tank’

Since July of 2021, the 500 pound Black Bear ‘Hank the Tank’ has been wreaking havoc on California communities. He’s not attacking people, he’s attacking pizza. For some reason Hank the Tank likes liking to left over pizza. His first taste of cold pizza tantalized his taste buds, and now he has developed an uncontrollable addiction that has seemingly gave him super powers.

According to reports 500 lbs. black bear Hank the Tank has broken into over 28 California homes searching frantically for left over pizza. There have been over 100 calls made to Police about him. The crazy part is after Hank the Tank eats left over pizza he seems to be unaffected by tasers, paintballs, sirens, bean bags, or anything else officials have tried to use to deter him from attacking pizza.

Hopefully Hank the Tank’s love for left over pizza doesn’t lead to him getting shot. There’s always the fear that he could run into someone holding a piece of left over pizza, and charge towards to them.

Perhaps the safest thing to do would be to start leaving slices of pizza in the forest where he lives.

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