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Video of China Eastern MU5735 Boeing 737 Plane Crash Aftermath Shows Massive Mountain Fire

Tragic news is just coming from Beijing that a China Eastern MU5735 Boeing 737 plane crashed with over 130 people on board. At the moment the number of causalities is still unknown as rescue efforts are still underway. Due to a massive fire the crash caused it’s very difficult for rescue workers to safely navigate the entire scene.

Details on What Led to the Mountain Fire in Video of China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737 Plane Crash Aftermath

According to preliminary reports the Civil Aviation Administration of China first noticed something was wrong when they observed radio silence from the MU5735 flight crew as they were flying over Wuzhou city. The plane flew about 500 miles before experiencing the currently unknown issue that made the pilots lose control. Sadly the plane was a little over 100 miles from its destination, which was Guangzhou.

According to news coverage in China there are witnesses who saw the plane breaking into pieces as it fell, which indicates it crashed into the ground at a high rate of speed. A report from CCTV said there was a massive mountain fire caused by the accident, which was later confirmed in a viral video of the China Eastern MU5735 Boeing 737 accident aftermath. It would be a miracle if any passenger survived this tragedy.

According to local China news stations there were 123 passengers and 9 flight crew members aboard the plane. The nationality demographics of the victims is not known at the moment, but generally there are people from various countries on large flights such as the MU5735.

Prayers up for all those affected by this tragedy.