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Video Showing Turkish People Reacting To Black Woman in Turkey by Treating Her Like a Celebrity Goes Viral

United States is one of the most diverse countries in the world, so in our day to day lives we are using to see people of all different races. In fact we find sometimes find it strange when we are somewhere where everyone is the same race. However, in most other countries around the world there isn’t much diversity, so people living in those areas are not used to seeing certain other races walking around. Black people experience this most when going overseas, such as in Japan and China were they are always in awe to see a black person walking around. Apparently it’s like that in Turkey as well.

TikTok Video Showing Turkish People Reacting To Black Woman in Turkey by Treating Her Like a Celebrity Goes Viral

A TikTok video posted by TikToker claudia.darleen shows her experience as a random black woman walking around Turkey. In the footage Turkish people reacted to the beautiful black woman like she’s alien from outer space, or a famous celebrity. They constantly asked to take pictures, touch her hair, and were generally just in awe as if they have never seen a black person before. In footage she says that just walking around the streets of Turkey as a black woman led to hundreds of requests to take pictures. They even started forming a line.

In many cases some people would find this kind of treatment a bit offensive especially when the Turkish people asked to touch her hair, but Claudia Darleen was a very nice person and was just enjoying how crazy the situation was. In those moments she got to experience what celebrities feel like when they walk around just by being a random black woman in Turkey. As you’ll see in the footage at one point there was literally a crowd of people following her around.

This footage of the Turkish reactions to the black woman in Turkey reminded us of that viral video posted by a black medical student in China who documented the reactions Chinese people have to seeing a black person walking around their cities. Skip to the 3 minute mark.

How Many Black People Live in Turkey?

According to official statistics Turkish people make up 75% of the population in Turkey, Kurdish people 18%, and other ethnic groups account for the remaining 17%. In all there around 84 million people living in Turkey, and of that around 5,000 to 20,000 are black people of Turkish descent, while about 100,000 are African immigrants. At the most there around 120,000 black people in Turkey, which is only about 0.1% of their total population.

It’s safe to say if a black person wants celebrity treatment Turkey is one of the best destinations to travel to.

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