Woman records a stalker man following her for 40 minutes straight. Stalker Man Caught Following Woman For 40 Minutes in Scary Viral Video

Ever the since tragic case of Sarah Everard, the dangers women face in day to day life just doing normal things has been in the spotlight more than ever before. One of the scariest situations women talk about many times is the feeling of being followed by a stranger, especially when it’s a man. That’s just what happens in a viral video where a woman recorded a stalker man following her for 40 minutes straight.

The man wearing a dark jacket speed walks towards the woman matching her pace in steps. Whenever she would walk faster, he would start walking faster too. He seemed to have no idea she was recording him on Instagram Live the whole time.

The woman is the video did the very smart strategy of sitting with a group of people so he had no way of cornering her alone. At the end of video she explains that the man followed her through stop signs and red lights, as she circled around the same area for 40 minutes trying to lose him.

This is about as creepy as it gets.

Author: JordanThrilla

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