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Video Shows Alleged Police Baton Hit that Led to Testicle Amputation for Spanish Photographer in Paris France

A Spanish photographer was recently injured while covering a protest in Paris. Amidst the chaos, one of the officers used their baton to strike the photographer in the groin area, causing an injury so severe that it resulted in a testicle amputation. The incident has prompted a call for witnesses from the Spanish Embassy in France. They are seeking videos or photographs of the incident to help identify the perpetrator and assess the seriousness of the assault.

The photographer’s identity has not been revealed, but according to reports, he was working for an independent media outlet and was severely injured during the police charge. As a result of the officer’s actions, the photographer was taken to a nearby hospital, and was forced to undergo an amputation of the affected testicle.

The incident has prompted an outcry in France, with the Spanish embassy in Paris filing a formal complaint to the Ministry of the Interior. Moreover, a call for witnesses has been launched in order to collect evidence of the scene. Anyone with videos or photos that may help identify the aggressors is asked to come forward. Losing a testicle is a nightmare for most men, and as you’ll see in the footage the police hit the photographer with the baton when he was already defenseless on the ground.

This is not the first time that police brutality has been documented in Paris. A similar incident happened in 2019, when a 22-year-old protester was hit in the eye with a tear gas canister, resulting in a permanent eye injury. Additionally, in July 2020, a group of journalists were arrested while covering another protest in Paris.

The photographer’s family and the Spanish embassy in Paris have expressed outrage at the incident, which has caused significant distress. The photographer is currently recovering from the surgery, but the trauma is likely to remain for a long time.

The current investigation of the incident aims to identify the officers responsible, and hold them accountable for their actions. The outcome of the investigation will serve as an example for future instances of police brutality, and hopefully prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.