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Lil Cease Reveals Untold Secrets About Tupac Beef With Biggie Smalls and Quad Studio Shooting

On a recent episode of Kitchen Talk Podcast Lil Cease joined Maino to chop it up and speak from the heart about various topics. The most interesting segment was when they started talking about two of the biggest rappers from the 90s. Lil Cease revealed untold stories about Tupac’s beef with Biggie Small, and the Quad Studio shooting.

During this conversation Lil Cease revealed information about what he saw at Quad Studios before Tupac was shot. To begin his story Lil Cease claimed that he and Biggie Smalls had no idea Tupac was coming to the same studio they were at on that day. It was also the first time that Junior Mafia had been the in studio together at the same time.

At some point that day Lil Cease who was 15 years old at the time was excited when he saw Tupac, and asked Biggie if he should invite him up to their studio area. Lil Cease was under the impression that Tupac was just randomly there trying to hang out with them. When Nino and Lil Cease was in the elevator going to get 2Pac they heard gunshots go off on the first floor. When they stepped out the elevator two robbers told Lil Cease to step back in the elevator, to which he complied. At this point the wounded Tupac had already crawled back to another elevator, and was able to get to the 6th floor recession area where his associates were.

He revealed much more in the video below such as where P Diddy was after the shooting. Skip to the 32 minute mark of the video below.

If Lil Cease’s untold stores about Tupac and Biggie are all truth, it seems most of the people at Quad Studios had no idea Tupac would be there besides the people he told he was coming. A man named Dexter Isaac confessed to shooting Tupac at Quad studios, and is currently serving a life sentence.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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