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Why Hasn’t Anthony Davis Shot Basketball in 2 Months? Here’s Who Lakers Played Last Time Anthony Davis Shot a Basketball

Lakers disastrous season was one of the most shocking NBA storylines of all time. A roster that consisted of 4 sure fire hall of famers failed to even secure a play-in spot. The team many people picked to be in the finals ended up being one of the worst teams in the NBA. Lebron put up stellar numbers individually, but it was another wasted season during his Lakers era. One of the main culprits of the failure was Anthony Davis being injury prone, and also seemingly forgetting how to shoot efficiently. To the surprise of many it appears he hasn’t been working on anything basketball related this offseason, unless he’s focusing on strength training.

Video Shows Anthony Davis Saying He Hasn’t Shot a Basketball in Two Months

In controversial footage trending online Anthony Davis made a seemingly disturbing revelation about his offseason workout regimen. Apparently Anthony Davis hasn’t shot a basketball since April 5. Keep in mind the 2022 NBA regular season officially ended on April 10, which could mean basketball hasn’t been a part of his life since then. Has Anthony Davis completely checked out mentally from basketball?

Who Did Lakers Play the Last Time Anthony Davis Shot a Basketball?

The ironic thing about Anthony Davis not shooting a basketball since April 5 is that his last shot attempt in 2 months came against the same team that ended Lakers’ season the prior year. On April 5 Anthony Davis put up 21 points and 13 rebounds against the Phoenix Suns. The game marked Lakers’ 7th loss in a row.

In hindsight Anthony Davis’ postgame outfit on April 5 was a sign that he wasn’t going to be thinking about basketball for a long time.


Lakers will likely come into the next season with same core roster they had last year. The major differences would be Kendrick Nunn being healthy if he remains on the team, and the new coaching system led by Darvin Ham.

How their story ends will still be largely dependent on Anthony Davis staying healthy, and regaining the same form he had during his Pelican years. Lakers cannot afford to waste another year of Lebron’s late stage career, so Anthony Davis needs to be proactive as possible about maximizing his own talent now in theory.

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