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People Are Just Discovering Jamal Crawford is the other Jordan in the Gatorade Commercial Where Michael Jordan Plays Himself One on One

Remember that Gatorade commercial where Michael Jordan plays his younger self one on one? The old version of himself schooled his younger counterpart with below the basket moves, as he was pulling off highlight reel dunks from throughout his Bulls career. What’s most incredible about the commercial is that Jamal Crawford is the other Michael Jordan.

It’s rumored that when Michael Jordan came to Jamal Crawford with commercial offer he told him all he has to do is play him one on one, and say a few lines. In a report from The Athletic Crawford stated that it was a dream come true to him. The magic in turning Jamal Crawford into Michael Jordan was all special effects, but underneath that was all the crossover legend himself.


Jamal Crawford mimicked Jordan’s mannerisms to perfection, which made this one of the most legendary sports commercials ever. He was never really known as a high flyer, so the way he was throwing down those patented MJ dunks was very impressive.

If you ever wondering how that commercial was made now you know. Michael Jordan is playing Jamal Crawford one on one in the Jordan plays himself Gatorade commercial.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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