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Did Zaire Wade Quit G-League and Diss Dwyane Wade on Instagram? Photos and Videos Inside

Last year it seemed Zaire Wade’s NBA dreams were close to becoming a reality after he signed a contract with Utah Jazz’s G-League affiliate Salt Lake City Stars. In his first season he had some great moments, but overall he struggled averaging around 2 points per game, and shooting around 30% from the field. Based on a viral rumor floating around it seems Zaire Wade might be fed up with the frustrations of his G-League run so far.

Did Zaire Wade Quit G-League and Take Shots at Dwyane Wade on Instagram?

Zaire Wade’s basketball journey has been one of the most rocky roads for an NBA superstar’s son in recent history. First he was pulled out of Sierra Canyon after Dwyane Wade got angry with the coach not giving him playing time. Then Zaire Wade opted to attend Brewster Academy rather than going the traditional college route. It seemed things were finally going smooth when he got drafted to the G-League by his dad’s Utah Jazz team, but now rumors are saying there may be a growing rift in the Wade family.

According to a viral rumor Zaire Wade quit G-League, and will not be returning to play for Salt Lake City Stars next season. This rumor is shocking considering that Dwyane Wade is a part owner of the Utah Jazz, which led people to believe that Zaire Wade is beefing with his father over how his basketball career has been handled. That conspiracy theory was fueled by a strange post Zaire Wade made on Instagram, which seemed to be dissing Dwyane Wade. In the post Zaire Wade wrote, “No Gimmicks, self made”.

It’s possible his post has nothing to do with Dwyane Wade, but why would Zaire Wade call himself “self made”? It’s widely believed that Zaire Wade was only signed by the Salt Lake City Stars, because his dad is part owner of the Jazz. Perhaps his post was actually a shot at the haters who say that he is a product of nepotism. However, due to the timing of his post coinciding with rumors he quit G-league many people believe Zaire Wade is blaming Dwyane Wade for the predicament he’s in.

If Zaire Wade really got kicked out G-League, and is beefing with Dwyane Wade that would be one of the biggest plot twists in NBA history. Wade has seems to have been one of the most supportive NBA fathers on the surface. His passion to see his son succeed was most conveyed when Dwyane Wade threatened to beat up Sierra Canyon’s coach on Live TV, then eventually pulled his son out the school. Zaire Wade got injured at Sierra Canyon, but for some reason when he recovered he was never able to get playing time.

This highlight videos shows the flashes of potential Zaire Wade showed during his rough first season. Remember he’s only 20 years old.

At the moment rumors that Zaire Wade got kicked out G-League have only been floating around social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram. However, we weren’t able to find any official reports confirming this shocking news. Hopefully Zaire Wade hasn’t given up on basketball, because he’s still young and has a lot of potential. He had some great moments during his first G-League season that he can definitely build on in a second run.

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