Warriors injury woes may have just gotten worse. After getting shut down, Stephen Curry injured his ankle during Clippers vs Warriors with only about 1 minute left to go in the game. Stephen Curry stepped on Patrick Beverley’s foot, and you could visibly see his ankle turn the wrong way.

Steph Curry tried to walk off the ankle injury, but limped his way to sideline where you could see him grimacing in pain.

Is this a sign his ankle is breaking down again? Did Patrick Beverley make a dirty play on Stephen Curry? Take a look.

Usually when a player sprains their ankle it’s not a big deal, but for Stephen Curry his ankles are like ticking time bombs. His injury issues led to him having ligament tightening surgery on both ankles, and he has to wear Zamst ankle braces to play safely in NBA games.

Patrick Beverley injuring Stephen Curry’s ankle today doesn’t start back his continuous injury issues. Warriors need his ankles more healthy than ever to make the playoffs this season.

Author: JordanThrilla