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Ben Simmons Gets Booed at US Open in New York After Getting Put on the Jumbotron ‘Summer Jam Screen’

Ben Simmons plays basketball for a New York based team, but he’s still currently one of the most disliked athletes in the NY area. Not too long ago a story came out alleging that Ben Simmons left a group chat when asked by his teammates if he was going to playing in Game 4 of their series vs Boston. Since then many NY fans have been frustrated by his apparent lack of willingness to support his teammates. It all came front and center when the spotlight was put on him at the US Open at Serena Williams’ match.

Ben Simmons Gets Booed at US Open in New York After Getting Put on the Jumbotron Screen

When Serena Williams is playing her status as the GOAT of tennis makes many of the most famous celebrities in the world step out to see her live in action. This year was no different as legends like Pusha T even showed up to watch. Ben Simmons was also there, and considering the event was held at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing NY, most people expected the crowd would show him some love. However, it turned into a nightmare situation real quick.

As the US Open camera put Ben Simmons on the Jumbotron screen the arena was filled with the sound of discontent. As you’ll see in the wild footage below, the US Open crowd booed Ben Simmons with so much might you could feel the emotion through your TV screen. Ben Simmons had the kind of smile on his face that made it seem he was thinking “Is this really happening?”.

For him it must have been Deja Vu, because that’s the same kind of treatment the Philly fans gave him when he demanded a trade.

If Ben Simmons getting booed at the US Open is any indication of what’s to come, then it’s going to be a long season for him. It’s possible he might get booed at home and away games due to his past transgressions. It will be interesting to see if Kevin Durant gets the same kind of treatment considering he spent the past few months demanding a trade. Interesting times ahead for Nets fans.

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