Kyrie Irving dissing Lebron James free throw shooting by saying "that's your best free throw shooter" during Nets vs Lakers

Kyrie Irving dissed Lebron James free throw shooting while talking behind his back during Nets vs Lakers.

After Lebron went to the line to shoot a technical freethrow, Kyrie Irving was seen saying “That’s your best free throw shooter” with disrespectfully smug look on his face. Everyone on the Lakers ignored his question thankfully.

Lebron James’ free throw shooting hasn’t been the best this season sitting at around 70%, but that doesn’t excuse Kyrie Irving’s disrespect. Plus sometimes players who are struggling at the line shoot technical free throws to build their confidence up.

You would think Kyrie would appreciate Lebron more considering he hasn’t done anything besides destroying Boston Celtics after abandoning being his sidekick.

It’s ironic that the Nets are made up of the the two players most jealous of Lebron’s success in Kyrie and Durant. It’s going to be funny when Nets don’t make the Finals this season.

Author: JordanThrilla

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