Kevin Samuels vs Rugged Karen Feminist Argument Over Strength Abilities of Women vs Men

A Kevin Samuels vs Rugged Karen Feminist argument over the strength abilities of women vs men is going viral. During the footage the woman made the assumption that women are capable of doing any of the jobs men do, and also sustaining infrastructures men built. Their squabble was mostly about how strong women are in general compared to men.

According to the rugged Karen, there is little strength difference between women and men. Kevin Samuels was trying to let her know that science and physical evidence clearly says otherwise. He brought up a test that was carried out where women had to do physical tests male Firefighters are required to do before being hired. The results showed that 65% of women failed at doing the simplest part of test, bodyweight pullups.

Take a look at Kevin Samuels arguing with the rugged Feminist Karen about women and men being equals.

You have to admire how highly this woman regards the average strength of women in general, it’s clear she was wrong in her argument though. On the flipside Kevin Samuels definitely seems like someone who loves talking down on women, which is awful and shouldn’t be overlooked although he was mostly right during their argument.

There are definitely some women just a strong as most men, but in general there is clearly a large strength gap. The rugged Karen feminist is correct in her theory that woman could technically do most physical jobs dominated by men, but it would be generally much harder to find women with those strength abilities.

Women and men should always be treated equally despite the obvious physically differences.

Author: JordanThrilla

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