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AI Generated Family Guy 80’s Sitcom with Real Life People Has the Entire World Creeped Out

The internet has been abuzz with the recent viral video featuring an AI generated Family Guy intro with real people. It has been shared widely on social media, and people have been discussing the eerie realism of the scene. While some have found it fascinating, others are disturbed by the idea of AI technology being used to create something so lifelike.

AI technology has come a long way, and it’s only getting better. With each passing day, more and more videos are being released on social media with AI-generated images that can easily fool us. This is especially true for Family Guy’s creepy, realistic ’80s live action family sitcom.

From SpongeBob as a dark fantasy film to Star Wars as an ’80s anime, AI technology is capable of creating mind-bending mashups. It’s no surprise that AI has also been used to turn Family Guy into a strangely realistic ’80s live action family sitcom. Unfortunately, this technology is not accessible to the public yet, but Meta (formerly Facebook) released a series of eerie sample clips based on certain prompts.

The most unsettling thing about this AI-generated Family Guy is that it’s not just a visual experience, but also the use of a classic sitcom soundtrack. This makes it even more realistic and frightening. While AI technology is impressive, being unable to predict where everything is headed is a bit scary. AI-generated images are stuck deep within the uncanny valley, where they are close enough to fool us, but not convincing enough.

As AI technology continues to get better, there’s no telling what it could be used for. There’s a real concern that someone could use this technology to create something that looks real, but isn’t. This has left many on social media feeling unsettled, as they are not sure what to expect from this technology.

There’s also an AI generated ‘American Dad’ 80’s sitcom with real life people, but it isn’t nearly as creepy as the one based on Family Guy. It also looks slightly less realistic in terms of blurring the line between CGI and photorealism.

AI generated TV shows could be the next big thing in terms of keeping current shows running forever. For example imagine if AI could generate a photorealistic recreated version of Fresh Prince Bel Air, with all the same actors at the age they were in the 90s.

The AI could learn each character’s personality by watching every episode that was ever released. To the viewer it would be the same as watching real people, which would could make a show time proof.

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