Laurence Fishburne as Doc Rivers in Donald Sterling Clippers movie.

Doc Rivers is officially going to be in a Hollywood movie, except he won’t be the one doing the acting. It turns out a docuseries about the infamous Donald Sterling is in production, and naturally Doc Rivers was a big part of that situation. As the head the coach of Clippers at the time the drama started, Doc Rivers was put in a position he never expected to be in as leader of the team. The person cast to play him in the movie confirms what we all thought.

Hollywood Confirms Myth About Doc Rivers and Laurence Fishburne

A long running social media joke has always been that Doc Rivers looks like Laurence Fishburne. They have the same skin tone, face shape, smile, and glabellar lines among other things. They really look like twin brothers in a way.

Given those facts it was a no brainer for Hollywood producers to ask Laurence Fishburne to play Doc Rivers in the Donald Sterling docuseries. Take a look at them side by side. They even have the same kind of beard and grey hairs.

Doc Rivers looks like Laurence Fishburne so much that he probably could have played Morpheus in Matrix.

Laurence Fishburne and Doc Rivers Side by Side in Donald Sterling Docuseries.
Laurence Fishburne and Doc Rivers Side by Side

More Details About Laurence Fishburne as Doc Rivers in Donald Sterling Docuseries

Rather than focusing this series completely on Donald Sterling, his docuseries will also focus on the journey of Doc Rivers and his players as they battle personal emotions about having a racist owner and trying to bring a franchise shrouded with racism a championship.

They will also give an inside look at the battles between Donald Sterling’s wife and his girlfriend V. Stiviano that exposed the whole situation to the world. The docuseries will be released in 6 episodes.

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