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Crazy Ending to Virginia State’s Francis ‘BJ’ Fitzgerald vs Dreko 1v1 Next Chapter Basketball Game Goes Viral

A viral video of a thrilling one-on-one basketball game between Virginia State University’s Francis “BJ” Fitzgerald and Dreko from Next Chapter has been making waves on social media. The video shows the highlights of the final game of a best-of-three series that was part of a 1v1 basketball tournament hosted by Next Chapter, which is a YouTube basketball movement that showcases a lot of very skilled hoopers.

The tournament featured players who competed in three-game series, where the first two games went to 7 points, and the third game went to 9 points. The winner of each game gets bragging rights, money, and new found fame. Usually the competition Next Chapter’s roster faces are the best basketball players from the city they are in, or from anywhere in the world.

The first game between Dreko and BJ was a bit one sided. The 6 foot 6 inch Dreko took an early lead and didn’t look back, showing off his polished skill set. However, near the end of the game BJ caught momentum, which he would take into the pivotal game 2. After Dreko got out to another early lead, BJ finally started playing with more intensity and began showing that he was superior player in terms of athleticism, strength, and skills. He tied the series 1-1.

Why the Ending of BJ vs Dreko One on One is Going Viral

The third game was the most exciting one. BJ continued his hot streak, scoring from all over the court showing off his handles and shot making. He built a commanding 7-1 lead, and seemed to have the game in the bag. Marqel aka Hoodie Qel, another star on Next Chapter’s roster was certain Dreko would make a comeback, and bet $100 on him despite the score. Then it happened, BJ hit a step back three in Dreko’s face, and got fouled. While he was on the ground he waved by to him. The final score of 9-1 told the story of how the game went.

The game was more than just a basketball contest; it was a showcase of talent, passion and sportsmanship. Next Chapter continues to change the landscape of the YouTube basketball scene with amazing matchups like these that are almost on par on with NBA excitement. Francis ‘BJ’ Fitzgerald has officially become a YouTube star, as he continues his path towards the NBA.

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