Did Bucks Security Guard Hit PJ Tucker? PJ Tucker Almost Fights Kevin Durant and Security Guard During Game 3 vs Nets

At NBA games security is supposed to prevent possible altercations from happening, but on this day Bucks security almost escalated a tense situation.

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The incident began with PJ Tucker trying to fight Kevin Durant after complaining about a bad call. As they were squared up, a Bucks arena security guard pushed PJ Tucker, which cause him to become even more enraged. At that point PJ Tucker almost fights Bucks’ security guard too.

Here’s a focused look at Bucks security guard hitting PJ Tucker in his back area. You can see there was some force behind the contact.

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That intensity that PJ Tucker showed in this video is the story of how Bucks remerged so far in Game 3. Thankfully nothing went down, because you would hate to see ejections in an important game like this.

That Bucks security guard has some serious explaining to do though. He was acting like he was out there turning up at the club getting hype.

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Update: Recent reports allege that was actually Kevin Durant’s personal security guard who hit PJ Tucker in his back.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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