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Chris Paul Finally Snaps Tries to Fight Scott Foster and Gets Ejected then Steve Kerr Enters the Chat Twice

Chris Paul and Scott Foster have a long and bitter history of clashes on the court. The Warriors star and the veteran NBA referee have been involved in several controversial incidents over the years, with many fans and analysts suspecting that Foster has a personal bias against Paul.

The latest episode of their feud occurred on Wednesday night, when Paul snapped and tried to fight Foster after receiving a technical foul late in the second quarter of the Suns vs Warriors game. What sparked this heated confrontation and what are the implications for both parties?

The incident began to boil over during a free throw when Chris Paul and Scott Foster were standing side by side near the three point line. At the time their conversation didn’t seem friendly, but it didn’t seem aggressive either. Everything changed when Scott Foster blew his whistle and gave CP3 his first tech. Things went from 0 to 100 real quick.

That tech really set Chris Paul off. He started pointed directly at Scott Foster in an aggressive manner while saying some things that probably weren’t meant to be flattering. Quickly Scott Foster issued him a second tech, which ejected him from the game.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr also got a technical foul for aggressively criticizing Foster’s decision.

It took Chris Paul several minutes to leave the court, and his teammates and Warriors staff had to hold him back. Just like that he got the short end again in a game officiated by Foster.

At halftime the camera would show Steve Kerr having words with Scott Foster again. It was clear he felt the ejection was sketchy. Did the ref allow his emotions to influence his decision to eject Chris Paul?

The History

This was not the first time that Paul and Foster had a heated exchange on the court. In fact, their relationship has been sour since 2008, when Paul was playing for the New Orleans Hornets and Foster officiated his 2008 Game 7 against the San Antonio Spurs.

More recently in 2020, Chris Paul was almost in tears as he called out Scott Foster after Thunder’s Game 7 loss to the Rockets at the infamous NBA Bubble.

The NBA has not commented on the allegations of bias or grudge that Paul and some fans have made against Foster, but it is unlikely that the league will admit or address such claims. Foster is one of the longest-tenured and most respected referees in the NBA, having worked for around 29 seasons and officiated 23 NBA Finals games. He is also the president of the National Basketball Referees Association, the union that represents the officials.

The Chris Paul-Scott Foster fight has sparked a lot of debate and discussion among the NBA community, especially on social media. Some people have sided with Paul, arguing that Foster has been unfair and inconsistent with him, and that he should not be allowed to officiate his games.

Others have defended Foster, saying that Paul is a notorious complainer and flopper, and that he deserved the technical foul and the ejection. Some have also pointed out that Paul has a history of clashing with other referees, not just Foster, and that he should focus on his own game and not blame the officials for his losses.

Some have also questioned the credibility and transparency of the NBA’s referee system, and called for more accountability and oversight from the league.

The Chris Paul-Scott Foster beef is one of the most intriguing and controversial stories in the NBA, and it is unlikely to end anytime soon. The Suns and the Warriors are both contenders in the Western Conference, and could potentially meet again in the playoffs.

If that happens, and if Foster is assigned to any of their games, the drama and tension will surely escalate. Whether Paul and Foster can ever resolve their differences, or at least coexist peacefully on the court, remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: their feud will continue to generate headlines and interest among the NBA fans and media.

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