Why Did Patrick Beverley Push Chris Paul Almost Breaking His Neck Before Suns Made the Finals in Game 6?

Why Did Patrick Beverley push Chris Paul? With Clippers on the brink of elimination, and Chris Paul making the finals for the first time in his long NBA career, tempers flared in the 4th quarter. In game where Devin Booker hit his broken nose again, and Deandre Ayton almost got a concussion, the most dangerous moment involved CP3. Out of nowhere Patrick Beverley pushed Chris Paul almost breaking neck with whiplash.

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It not clear what provoked the dangerous shove, but some people think Chris Paul said something to Patrick Beverley beforehand. It could also have been frustration from him cooking them for so long. He had just made a huge clutch three before the push that basically sealed a Finals berth for the Suns. When Patrick Beverley pushed CP3 you could see the dangerous whiplash it caused since he couldn’t brace himself.

This happened moments before.

After making that shot Chris Paul had 37 points in the game. When Clippers had cut the lead down to 7 late in the third CP3’s scoring fury blew the game back open again. He seemed to be motivated after Demarcus Cousins elbowed him in the neck.

Chris Paul made the Finals for the first time, and Patrick Beverley isn’t happy about that. Remember CP3 took his spot on the Rockets some years ago.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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