Home Sports Bronny James Muscular Physique in New PSD Underwear Ad Goes Viral

Bronny James Muscular Physique in New PSD Underwear Ad Goes Viral

Bronny James hasn’t played a single game in the NBA, but like LaMelo Ball during his high school days he is already a superstar. While Bronny has a similar skillset to LaMelo Ball at the same age, it’s his status of being Lebron James’ son that makes him one of the most well known high school athletes of all time. With the fame attached to his name he’s already scoring brand endorsement deals.

Bronny James’ Muscular Physique in New PSD Underwear Ad Goes Viral

It was back in February that Bronny James announced his partnership with PSD underwear. It’s a brand that is all the craze right now in sports culture. Even some NBA player’s fathers were seen wearing PSD underwear during games. Recently a Bronny James PSD underwear advertisement was posted on his Instagram account. It wasn’t the underwear that had social media buzzing, but Bronny James’ muscular physique. Those Lebron genes definitely are shining through.

Will Bronny James PSD Underwear Deal Affect his College Eligibility?

One of the main things that probably made Lebron James comfortable with Bronny signing with PSD underwear is the recent changes to NCAA rules. Now high school athletes and college athletes can freely use their likeness to score endorsement deals without affecting their college eligibility. Back when LaMelo Ball was in high school those new rules weren’t in place, so he lost his college eligibility when he released his own Big Baller Brand sneaker, although not playing in the NCAA turned out to be a blessing in disguise for him.

As you can see in the tweet above PSD has been inking deals with many athletes across different sports. Their impressive roster includes Ja Morant, Tyler Herro, Marshawn Lynch, Jimmy Butler, and many more including Bronny James now.

The brand is known for their eccentric colorful designs, and the fact that their underwear is extremely comfortable.