Smooth Criminal TikToker Dancing Like Michael Jackson at Red Light Doing Moonwalk Goes Viral

Throughout history we have seen many random people imitate the moves of Michael Jackson, but only a few have done it well. One of those few is a viral Smooth Criminal TikToker dancing like Michael Jackson at a red light in Traffic.

In the footage the man gets out a car and immediately starts moving on pavement like he’s walking on ice. First he did the famous Michael Jackson spin move that looked unreal, while moving his arms like jelly. Then he pulled off one of the most amazing moonwalks ever seen. All the while Smooth Criminal was playing the background. Again keep in mind he is doing this on road pavement with sneakers on. Michael Jackson did his moves on stages that were semi-slippery.

Now compare that to the legendary Michael Jackson, and you can see he moves just as good.

The funniest part about the TikTok Red light Michael Jackson clone is the woman that walks by like nothing strange is going on. She just goes on about her business like she sees someone doing a moonwalk at red lights everyday.

Someone get this man signed to a choreography company if he isn’t already.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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