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Is Kevin Gates’ Wife Dreka Gay? Details on Rumor Dreka Gates Cheated with Woman

By now you’ve probably read about the drama going on between Kevin Gates and his wife Dreka Gates. After he released a freestyle dissing her it was revealed she was allegedly cheating on him with another person. The first rumor that came out was that Dreka Gates got pregnant by a personal trainer. However, now there is alleged evidence she was actually romantically involved with a woman behind his back.

Is Dreka Gates Gay? Details on Why People Think Kevin Gates’ Wife Cheated with a Woman

Based on a photo floating around on social media people are convinced Dreka Gates is dating a lesbian woman. The photo shows Dreka Gates with a woman many people on social media are describing as masculine. People feel this is ironic, because there were always jokes about Kevin Gates looking like a gay woman who is masculine. If the rumor is actually true it seems his wife may have left him for the real thing.

Kevin Gates’ ‘Super General’ Freestyle dissing his wife Dreka Gates is what made their situation so viral.

Dreka Gates Reacts to Kevin Gates’ Diss Track Exposing Her Cheating

Despite all the drama going on between them Dreka seems to be a in good space mentally, and isn’t feeling any type of way about the public accusations Kevin Gates brought forth. In response to this ‘Super General’ freestyle Dreka Gates went on IG live talking about how leaving a situation is good for your mental health.

Kevin Gates accused Dreka Gates of cheating and bringing her new beau to his house. He never really went into details about who she was cheating with, which is makes the rumor that Dreka cheated with gay woman that much more surprising. Hopefully they both are able to find happiness and peace in the long run.