First Trans Woman Ever To Try Out for WNBA Basketball. Transgender woman Kayla Autumn Ward to try out for the WNBA.


Kayla Autumn Ward is about to make history. Kayla will become the first trans woman ever to attempt to play in the WNBA. In a new interview, Kayla Autumn Ward lets the world know what is going on in her mind during this big moment in her life.

If she makes the WNBA it would be one of the most historical moments in basketball history. Gender issues, specifically those related to trans women, have been a hot topic in recent times met with much controversy.

Some people believe she shouldn’t be given the chance to play in the WNBA because of the natural advantages of her situation. However, there are doctors that say she no longer has any natural advantage due to how long she had been taking hormonal treatments. A true clash of ideological and physiological ideals.

The world will definitely be watching to see how this basketball story for the ages plays out.

Author: JordanThrilla