Jamal Murray Pass of the Year. Jamal Murray Behind the Back Pass to Nikola Jokic During Nuggets vs Grizzlies Goes Viral

We may have a new winner for pass of the year, and his name is Jamal Murray. During Nuggets vs Grizzlies Jamal Murray’s behind the back pass to Nikola Jokic instantly went viral.

The play started after he crossed up Dillon Brooks, then hit him with a spin move. After he did a bullet behind the back pass right into Nikola Jokic’s hands for an easy layup. Was that Jamal Murray or Magic Johnson?

Jamal Murry is averaging 22 ppg, 4 rpg, 4 apg on the season, which has become a consistent stat line for him over the past few seasons. Nuggets have a decent 22-15 record on the season, and that’s with a lot of bad games under their belt.

As the season goes on Nuggets are slowly regaining that championship chemistry that made them comeback from down 3-1 twice last season. Jamal Murray’s behind the back pass to Nikola Jokic shows they are moving in the right direction.

Author: JordanThrilla

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