Jamal Murray Pass of the Year. Jamal Murray Behind the Back Pass to Nikola Jokic During Nuggets vs Grizzlies Goes Viral

We may have a new winner for pass of the year, and his name is Jamal Murray. During Nuggets vs Grizzlies Jamal Murray’s behind the back pass to Nikola Jokic instantly went viral.

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The play started after he crossed up Dillon Brooks, then hit him with a spin move. After he did a bullet behind the back pass right into Nikola Jokic’s hands for an easy layup. Was that Jamal Murray or Magic Johnson?

Jamal Murry is averaging 22 ppg, 4 rpg, 4 apg on the season, which has become a consistent stat line for him over the past few seasons. Nuggets have a decent 22-15 record on the season, and that’s with a lot of bad games under their belt.

As the season goes on Nuggets are slowly regaining that championship chemistry that made them comeback from down 3-1 twice last season. Jamal Murray’s behind the back pass to Nikola Jokic shows they are moving in the right direction.

Author: JordanThrilla

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