Leaked Video of Afghan Soldiers Struggling to Do Jumping Jacks Being Taught by US Soldiers Goes Viral. Afghan soldiers struggling to learn jumping jacks.

On July 8th a confident Joe Biden said that Taliban would never take over Afghanistan, because they had 300,000 well trained troops on the ground. Even when his Intelligence Officials allegedly warned him that withdrawing troops would allow Taliban to overrun the country, Joe Biden remained confident in the abilities of Afghanistan’s army. However, a leaked video of Afghan soldiers struggling to learn jumping jacks, may be proof they were never properly trained.

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The footage shows US soldiers struggling to teach Afghan soldiers jumping jacks with proper form. Some of the soldiers caught on easily, but majority of the Afghan soldiers were struggling to do jumping jacks properly. It seemed the US soldiers were growing agitated with their performance, but they remained respectful and nice.

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Take a look at these brave Afghan soldiers struggling to learn jumping jacks.

Only two months after Joe Biden guaranteed that Taliban wouldn’t takeover Afghanistan, that is just what happened. It became official when the world saw video of the Taliban entering the presidential palace in Kabul. The trail of suffering and death that has ensued is just tragic.

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They say hindsight is 20/20, and this might be one situation where in hindsight the US should have done much more before pulling out.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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