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Scary Video Shows Orangutan Grabbing Man Through Cage at Zoo and Refusing to Let Go

You know how people say you should never taunt or get too close to an animal at the zoo? That is especially true when the animal can easily reach through the cage and retaliate if you get too close. For one man who is going viral he learned the hard way that Orangutans are very clever and very strong.

Scary Video Shows Orangutan Attacking Man Through Cage at Zoo and Refusing to Let Go

As you’ll see in the footage below everything was going peacefully as the unlucky approached a nice looking Orangutan while holding his hands out. Little did he know that this Orangutan was very agitated about the fact that he is being held captive in a small enclosure for human’s entertainment.

Things took a turn for the worse when the Orangutan grabbed the man’s t-shirt, and pulled him towards the cage. As he was trying to escape its strong grip things got even scarier when the Orangutan grabbed the man’s leg through the cage until they were basically face to face. At one point it seemed like the man farted due to the fear running through his body.

How Strong is Orangutan Compared to a Human?

One of the biggest questions this video of the Orangutan attacking the man through cage at zoo has raised is how their strength compares to that of a human being. According to scientists an Orangutan can easily lift up to 500 pounds, and normally is at least 7 times strong than a human being. In addition the bite force of an Orangutan can be up to 575 PSI, which is 4 times stronger than the average human.

Essentially that Orangutan could have snapped that guy’s leg like a twig. After that incident that man will probably never go to a zoo again.

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