When someone’s life is over many people assume it means the dreams they wanted achieve while they were alive would be unattainable. However, with the right support system even someone who is deceased can still reach their dreams from beyond the grave. A situation involving a dead 16 year old playing soccer in Mexico is proof of that.

Dead 16 Year Old Mexican Teenager Scores Goal From Inside His Coffin While Playing Soccer in Viral Video

A 16 year old Mexican teenager in Mexico who was brutally murdered was known as a great soccer player by his friends. Sadly, because his life was taken people assumed he would never be able to play soccer with them again. However, due to him having an amazing group of friends and family they made it possible for him to score a goal one more time before he was buried.

A viral video shows how friends of the dead 16 year old brought his coffin to the place where he loved to play soccer with them. They lined up his coffin in front of the goal, and delivered a perfect pass that bounced off the coffin, and into the goal. After the dead 16 year old scored the goal they all surrounded his coffin celebrating like he was alive with them. The end result was the first time in history a dead person scored a goal in soccer.

This is one of those moments that gives you feelings of happiness and sorrow all at the same time. It’s so sad a young 16 year old’s life was taken by another person, but it was cool to see how his friends took the time to organize a special moment for him like that.

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