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Video Allegedly Shows Man’s New Ford Pickup Truck Fall Apart Right After He Bought It from a Dealership

A viral video posted to YouTube has prompted people to talk about the stigma that Ford vehicles are usually unreliable lemons. The video appears to show a man making a right turn before the wheels, doors, and trunk fall off his Ford Pickup truck. Was this video real or fake? Let’s dive in and discuss this video and the possibility that it might be fake.

Is the video a New Ford Pickup Truck Falling Apart Fake?

The video has gone viral with millions of hits of various social media platforms. It is said to have been taken after the man purchased the Truck from a Ford dealership in California. The video shows a man in a blue Ford pickup truck making a right turn, then the wheels, doors, and trunk come off. The man is then left sitting in the middle of the road with a truck in pieces around him.

The video has many people questioning if it is real or fake. On the one hand, it could be a genuine case of a faulty Ford pickup truck. It could also be a pre-planned prank done by a group of people or a single person. If it is a prank, it is certainly an elaborate one. There is also the possibility that it is an advertisement or a publicity stunt by Ford. The footage was posted by TikTok user Krazee_7.

No matter what the truth is, the video has certainly got people talking about the stigma that Ford vehicles are unreliable lemons. It has also caused people to be more cautious when buying a second-hand vehicle. However, the reliability of Ford vehicles has improved greatly over the years ever since the major overhaul they did during the Barak Obama administration.

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