In recent years UFOs and Aliens have become much more of a reality after the US government released real footage of Army encounters with objects that defy the rules of gravity and physics. One thing that is common about those encounters is that many of the UFOs seem to come out the ocean then go back into the ocean. Now there could be more proof that Aliens really are hiding in the Ocean while studying our planet.

Did Aliens Make Holes at Bottom of Atlantic Ocean? NOAA Facebook Post about Line of Holes on Ocean Floor Sparks Conspiracy Theories

Recently NOAA took the social media to announce a rather interesting discovery they made while researching the Atlantic Ocean seabed during their Okeanos dive. What they came across has baffled scientists, and has left them searching for answers from anyone who might have theories that could plausibly explain what they witnessed. NOAA discovered a line of holes in sediment on the Atlantic Ocean floor. They claim it still remains a complete mystery as to what or who made them.

Their theory is something excavated them, but was it an unknown animal species or something other worldly? This has led to a viral conspiracy theory that Aliens made holes at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean.

Image Credit: NOAA Facebook

Earth’s oceans continue to be one of the least explore portions of our environment. It’s actually believed that we know less about our own oceans than we do about outer space. Many of the deepest parts of the ocean remain unexplored, because we simply don’t have the technology to safely traverse the extreme environment and pressure.

This leads to scientists encountering many unknown species like that shift changing creature caught by a ROV camera awhile back. In theory the ocean is the perfect place for Aliens to set up base without being detected.

Do you think Aliens made a line of holes in the Atlantic Ocean floor? If so, why did they?

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