Tom Brady sees all and hears all on and off the court. During a recent virtual conference Tom Brady G-checked Shannon Sharpe for hating on him with a very direct question. He asked, “why do you hate on me”. That was his response to Shannon Sharpe asking if Tom Brady was retiring in the next 6 months.

The gist of the answer Shannon Sharpe gave could be summarized in a few words, “it’s just business”. Shannon Sharpe claims he only hates on Tom Brady, because he has to do the opposite of what Skip Bayless does since they bet against each other. In other words his hate is really just Tom Brady catching strays.

However, it really sound like Tom Brady had Shannon Sharpe copping pleas and making excuses.

Tom Brady took shots at Undisputed’s choice of topic by insinuating they would have nothing to talk about if he wasn’t in the NFL. Shannon Sharpe never expected him to flip the question like that.

Is it ironic that Shannon Sharpe seems scared of Tom Brady, but not Kevin Durant? The cat is out the bag that Tom Brady is true goon that will g-check you for talking bad about him.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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