The Grayson Allen vs Trae Young beef is simmering hot this season, and it has now spilled onto Twitter. Grayson Allen responded to Trae Young accusing him of trying to intentionally injure him.

Trae Young posted a gif that appears to show Grayson Allen stepping on his foot intentionally with a caption saying “Damn, tell me what you see smh. This got to stop. If you don’t know, now you know“. Grayson Allen responded to Trae Young by reposting the gif with caption saying “Damn that really must of hurt. I’m sorry, hope you’re okay“.

It doesn’t seem like an apology, more so it looks like Grayson Allen is mocking Trae Young. As you may or may not know these two have fought twice in their NBA Careers, so there is no love lost between them.

Was Grayson Allen really trying to injure Trae Young? That is still up for debate, but that play definitely looked sketchy. Grayson Allen has a history of being a dirty player as well.

Author: JordanThrilla

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