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Lebron Laughs as Kevin Durant Reacts to James Harden Sixers Trade by Refusing to Draft Him to All Star 2022 Team

If you haven’t heard the news by now, the unthinkable happened on the day the NBA trade deadline arrived. The Nets traded James Harden to the Sixers for Ben Simmons. This came just a few days after Steve Nash adamantly claimed that Nets would not trade Harden, and that he made it clear he wanted to be with them long term. However, the opposite was true as the trade confirmed that James Harden no longer wanted to play for Brooklyn, and naturally Kevin Durant is not happy about that.

Kevin Durant Refuses to Draft James Harden to All Star 2022 in Reaction to Sixers Trade Leaving Lebron Laughing

Not too long after the James Harden to Sixers trade was completed, Lebron James and KD were live on Inside the NBA to do the All Star 2022 draft as captains of their respective teams. It was during this moment that Kevin Durant reacted to the James Harden trade to the Sixers, and it had Lebron laughing a lot.

In the closing moments Kevin Durant refused to draft James Harden to his team, and made some subliminal comments about how his tenure with Brooklyn Nets ended. With two players left on the draft board for Durant to choose from, he selected Rudy Gobert over James Harden claiming that he needed “size” on his All Star Squad.

It was clear Kevin Durant was beefing with James Harden when he made these comments about the trade.

“Everybody got what they wanted. Happy we got guys who want to be a part of this”.

Now he didn’t say his name, but it was clear Kevin Durant was dissing James Harden, because he didn’t want to be part of the Nets process.

Skip to the 11:40 mark of the video below. Get your popcorn ready, because this whole segment was pure entertainment and hurt feelings on the forefront.

Why Did James Harden Want to Nets to Trade Him?

Although the motivations behind the James Harden wanting out of Nets is still unconfirmed, some reports suggest that he grew unhappy with the special treatment Kyrie Irving gets, and the fact that he was forced to carry the same load he tried to run away from by leaving Houston Rockets. It’s also possible that Nets organizations was apprehensive about Harden’s seemingly never ending hamstring issues.

Perhaps the funniest part of segment was Lebron James hiding his face behind the clipboard while laughing at Kevin Durant refusing to draft James Harden. This situation is ironic, because now KD has fell out with both his former comrades from the OKC days. In most people eyes getting Ben Simmons for James Harden is not an upgrade, it’s almost like Nets downgraded all things considered. However, they did also get Seth Curry who might be an even more important addition than Simmons, considering Joe Harris had ankle surgery.

Nets probably won’t make the finals this season, and it’s safe to say the Durant era in Brooklyn is a failure so far. Will KD end his career with his only two rings coming from the sketchy stint with the Warriors?